Site Management

Conducting a clinical study involves numerous aspects, and efficient site management is crucial for the success and integrity of clinical research. At Atum Medical Research, we specialize in providing comprehensive Site Management services to ensure all operational aspects of your study are handled with professionalism and attention to detail.

What does our Site Management Service include?

Recruitment and selection of research centers: We carefully identify and select suitable research centers for your study, ensuring they meet the necessary quality and ethical standards.
Coordination of communication and logistics: We facilitate smooth communication among all study participants, including investigators, study coordinators, and sponsors. We also manage the logistical aspects of the study, such as scheduling and necessary materials.
Data monitoring and reporting: We monitor research sites to ensure compliance with study protocols, budget, and deadlines. We report and document all relevant data in accordance with quality standards and applicable regulations.
Risk and compliance management: We proactively identify and manage potential risks to data integrity and patient safety. We ensure all activities comply with ethical standards and applicable regulations.
Assistance with audit and inspection preparation: We provide support and assistance in preparing for audits and inspections, ensuring research sites are ready and compliant with study regulations and protocols.

Site Feasibility

At Atum Medical Research, evaluating the feasibility of clinical study sites is essential for research success. Our rigorous process includes:

Experience and Expertise
Clinical Expertise: We assess the research teams' experience and their track record in recruiting and managing participants.
Accreditations: We verify accreditations and adherence to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards.
Recruitment Capability
Patient Population: We analyze access to and diversity of patient populations.
Recruitment Rate: We evaluate the historical recruitment performance to efficiently meet targets.
Infrastructure and Resources
Modern Facilities: We check the quality of equipment and facilities.
Management Systems: We assess the capacity for efficient and secure clinical data management.
Regulatory and Ethical Compliance
Compliance: We ensure adherence to national and international regulations.
Research Ethics: We verify the functionality of ethics committees and the approval of studies.

Evaluating site feasibility is crucial for conducting high-quality and ethically compliant clinical studies, ensuring the success of our research.

Site and Investigator Registration

Our site and investigator registration process is designed to ensure the efficiency and quality of clinical studies. Here are the main aspects of this process:

Selection and Initial Evaluation
Strict Criteria: We evaluate sites and investigators based on their clinical research experience and technical capabilities.
Audits: We conduct visits and audits to verify the available facilities and resources.
Documentation and Compliance
Documentation Preparation: We assist in completing the necessary documentation and ensure regulatory compliance.
Compliance: We verify adherence to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards and local and international regulations.
Ongoing Training and Support
Training Programs: We provide continuous training for investigators and staff.
Support and Monitoring: We offer logistical support and constant monitoring to quickly resolve issues.
Partnership and Collaboration
Sustainable Relationships: We develop close partnerships with sites and investigators to continuously improve processes.

Through rigorous selection, continuous training, and constant support, we ensure the efficient and compliant conduct of clinical studies to the highest standards.


At Atum Medical Research, adherence to regulations is essential for the ethical and safe conduct of clinical trials. Here is how we ensure that all our activities meet the highest standards:

Compliance with International Standards
We adhere to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards established by the WHO and ICH to ensure the quality and integrity of our studies.
Approval by Regulatory Authorities
All studies are approved by relevant regulatory authorities such as ANMDMR, FDA, and EMA, which evaluate the study protocol and participant protection measures.
Ethics Committees
Each study is reviewed and approved by independent ethics committees, ensuring compliance with ethical principles and the protection of participants.
Data Protection and Confidentiality
We comply with GDPR and other data protection regulations, ensuring the confidentiality and security of participants' personal information.
Transparency and Reporting
We are committed to reporting all study results, contributing to the medical knowledge base, and meeting regulatory requirements.
Audits and Inspections
We conduct internal audits and welcome external inspections to ensure ongoing compliance and to improve our processes.

By strictly adhering to regulations, Atum Medical Research guarantees the responsible and ethical conduct of clinical trials, contributing to the advancement of medical science and the improvement of public health.

Records Management

At Atum Medical Research, managing records is crucial to the success of our clinical trials. We implement rigorous processes and compliance measures to effectively protect and manage all data.

Data Management SystemsWe use efficient organizational solutions for data collection and storage, ensuring controlled access and information security.
Regulatory ComplianceWe comply with GDPR and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards to protect and maintain the integrity of data.
Data Archiving and RetentionData is archived both electronically and physically according to requirements, ensuring long-term accessibility and security.
Audits and MonitoringWe conduct internal audits and continuous monitoring to maintain data compliance and security.
Training and EducationWe provide regular training to our staff to ensure best practices in records management and compliance with regulations.

At Atum Medical Research, records management is essential for the success of our clinical trials. Through rigorous compliance and ongoing training, we guarantee the integrity and security of all collected data.

Network of Research Sites and Investigators

At Atum Medical Research, our extensive and diverse network of top research centers and investigators enables us to conduct high-quality clinical trials and deliver accurate, reliable results.

Geographical and Demographic Diversity
Extensive Coverage: We have research centers strategically located in various regions, ensuring access to diverse populations and facilitating rapid participant recruitment.
Quality and Expertise of Centers
Rigorous Selection: Our centers are carefully selected based on strict quality standards and their performance in clinical research.
Modern Facilities: The centers are equipped with modern facilities and adequate resources to conduct complex clinical studies.
Our Investigators
Top Professionals: Our network includes recognized investigators with extensive experience in clinical research.
Continuous Training: We provide ongoing training to keep our investigators up-to-date with regulations and best practices.
Collaboration and Support
Efficient Communication: We work closely with centers and investigators to ensure optimal coordination of studies.
Logistical Support: We provide comprehensive administrative and logistical assistance to ensure smooth execution of clinical trials.

At Atum Medical Research, we are committed to ensuring quality and efficiency in all our clinical research projects. We value close collaboration with our centers and investigators and strive to continuously improve our processes to deliver relevant and reliable results.

Assuring ICH GCP and Protocol Compliance

At Atum Medical Research, we ensure that all our clinical trials adhere to Good Clinical Practice (ICH GCP) standards to guarantee the ethics and integrity of our research.

Protocol Development and Review
Initial Compliance: Protocols are developed and reviewed to meet ICH GCP requirements and are approved by independent ethics committees.
Training and Education
Staff Training: All team members receive rigorous training on ICH GCP requirements and the specific study protocol, with ongoing training sessions.
Monitoring and Auditing
Continuous Oversight: Our monitors periodically check compliance at study sites, and internal audits are conducted to assess adherence to ICH GCP.
Documentation and Reporting
Record Keeping: We properly manage and archive all study data and documents, ensuring traceability and accessibility for inspections.

Through well-structured protocols, continuous training, constant monitoring, and rigorous documentation management, Atum Medical Research ensures ICH GCP compliance and the conduct of ethical and high-quality clinical trials.

Budget & Contract Negotiation & Finalization

At Atum Medical Research, negotiating budgets and contracts is essential for the efficient and transparent conduct of clinical trials. Here’s how we ensure the success of this process:

Budget Analysis and Planning
Detailed Evaluation: We analyze study requirements to create a realistic and comprehensive budget.
Transparency: We ensure clarity and justification for every budget component.
Contract Negotiation
Effective Strategies: We employ well-founded strategies to reach fair agreements.
Flexibility: We remain open to adjustments to meet the needs of our partners.
Consultation and Support
Financial Consultation: We provide expert guidance in budget setting and contract negotiation.
Ongoing Support: We manage any necessary adjustments throughout the study.
Regulations: We ensure compliance with local and international regulations.
Best Practices: We apply best practices in financial and contract management.
Monitoring and Evaluation
Budget Tracking: We continuously monitor budget usage to prevent and address deviations.
Periodic Evaluation: We evaluate financial and contractual performance to optimize processes.

At Atum Medical Research, we ensure all financial and contractual negotiations are fair and transparent, facilitating the optimal conduct of clinical trials.

Our services

At Atum Medical Research, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for the management and execution of clinical trials. Here's a detailed overview of the wide range of services we offer to support every aspect of your clinical research endeavors.

From site management and investigators network services to study coordination, quality assurance, training and education, project management, and more, we are committed to delivering excellence at every stage of your clinical trials.

Explore our services below to learn how we can tailor our expertise to meet your specific needs and objectives. Whether you're seeking regulatory compliance, efficient project management or comprehensive training programs, we have the resources and experience to ensure the success of your clinical research initiatives.

Site Management

Our Site Management division ensures seamless execution of clinical trials. We provide comprehensive support, including site selection, staff training, patient recruitment, and data management. Our team of experts ensures compliance with regulatory standards and ethical guidelines, maximizing efficiency and reliability. By partnering with us, research centers benefit from streamlined operations and enhanced study outcomes.

Site Feasibility

At Atum Medical Research, our Site Feasibility Service is pivotal in identifying optimal locations for clinical trials. We conduct thorough assessments of potential sites, evaluating factors such as patient demographics, recruitment capabilities, and infrastructure quality. Our rigorous analysis ensures that each site meets regulatory standards and ethical guidelines. By leveraging our expertise, we help sponsors select sites that maximize efficiency and success rates for their clinical studies.

Site and Investigator Registration:

We prioritize seamless Site and Investigator Registration to streamline the clinical study process. Our meticulous approach ensures that sites and investigators are registered efficiently and compliantly, adhering to all regulatory requirements. By facilitating this crucial step, we enable our clients to focus on their research objectives with confidence, knowing that their studies are supported by qualified sites and investigators. Our dedication to registration excellence underscores our commitment to advancing medical research with integrity and efficacy.


Our Regulatory Service stands as a steadfast guardian, ensuring meticulous adherence of clinical studies to the prevailing regulations, both on a local and international scale. With unwavering dedication, we undertake the intricate journey through regulatory intricacies, offering steadfast consultancy and unwavering support. Our mission is to meticulously guide our clients, navigating through the labyrinth of regulatory requirements, minimizing hurdles, and expediting essential approvals. Through our comprehensive approach, we not only mitigate delays but also pave the way for swift and efficient regulatory clearance.

Records Management

Efficiency in managing records stands as a cornerstone of our operations. Meticulous attention is devoted to preserving all data and documents, ensuring their integrity and accessibility. By upholding stringent standards of record management, we not only maximize compliance but also bolster the foundation for successful research endeavors. Our dedicated approach ensures that every piece of information is securely stored, facilitating seamless collaboration and decision-making processes. At Atum Medical Research, we understand that the quality of record management directly influences the outcome of studies, driving our commitment to excellence.

Network of Research Sites and Investigators

We develop and sustain a premier network of sites and investigators, granting access to invaluable resources and leading medical experts. This network plays a crucial role in significantly enhancing the quality and efficiency of our clinical studies. By leveraging these top-tier connections, we ensure rigorous and reliable research outcomes. Our approach not only supports comprehensive and collaborative research efforts but also drives innovation in clinical practices. At Atum Medical Research, our commitment to maintaining this exceptional network highlights our dedication to achieving excellence in clinical research.

Assuring ICH GCP and Protocol Compliance

Through this service, we ensure that all studies comply with Good Clinical Practices and adhere to rigorous study protocols. Our primary objective is to uphold the highest standards of ethics and quality throughout the research process. By prioritizing these standards, we safeguard the safety and well-being of all participants. This commitment not only enhances the reliability and validity of studies but also builds trust with our stakeholders. Our dedication to ethical excellence and participant protection is at the forefront of our mission to advance clinical research.

Budget & Contract Negotiation & Finalization

Our negotiation experts meticulously handle every aspect of contracts and budgets, ensuring that all terms are favorable and transparent. Their careful attention to detail guarantees that all agreements are clear and beneficial, which is crucial for the smooth execution of projects. By prioritizing transparency and fairness in every negotiation, we build strong, trustworthy relationships with our partners. This comprehensive approach not only facilitates seamless project progression but also reinforces our commitment to integrity and excellence at Atum Medical Research.

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