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Founded in 2020, our company centers its entire activity around the patient, viewing them as the essential element that unites all actors in the medical field: institutions, companies, and doctors. We firmly believe that patient care is the most important factor and that through our collaboration, we contribute to protecting and improving their lives. Every project we undertake is a step forward towards a future where patients' health is prioritized.

Our core mission is to enhance patient well-being. We believe that successful clinical studies depend on robust collaboration between investigators, medical centers, patient associations, regulatory authorities, CROs, and pharmaceutical companies. The implementation of the new EU-CTR regulations poses challenges for all parties involved in clinical trials within our country.

Effective communication, mutual understanding, and strong cooperation are essential for success. To support these efforts and facilitate the successful implementation of the new EU-CTR rules, Atum Medical Research organizes dedicated events on this subject for professionals involved in clinical trials.

Frequently asked questions

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